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Mardi8 produces all the audiovisual content for this fully digital immersive experience which will open in spring 2022 in France before touring internationally

Mardi8 is producing all the audiovisual content for this entirely digital immersive experience, which will open in spring 2022 in France, before touring internationally, and which will offer the public the opportunity to discover Leonardo da Vinci's landmark work by traveling through its history, as close as possible to its pictorial surface.

Composed of a "landscape-skin" several dozen meters long, large-format films and interactive games, the tour will invite visitors to discover the history of the Mona Lisa, from the earliest days of its creation to the icon that it represents today.

In collaboration with the Louvre and the Grand Palais

Set designer : Sylvain Roca

Audiovisual production - ARTISANS D'IDÉES - Mardi8

Producer: Youenn Le GuenExecutive director of production and post-production: Nicolas LimProject manager: Marie-Caroline JaninDirector: Nicolas Autheman

Iconographic manager : Léa Torreadrado

Sound design : Elias AriasArt direction and graphics : Nicolas Lichtlé - Arnaud Desjardins - Simon Taulelle - Cécile Comméat - Edouard Granero - Pierre Magnol - Morgan Jouquand - Alexis LambotteInteractive design and programming : Thibault Jorge - Lucas Pomot - Michel Peneau - Ferhat Yesilada - Jonathan Attar

Visual effects: Sébastien AubertTechnical direction: Franck Désert - Erwan Girma

Shooting: Daniel Meyer - Jean Chesneau - Vincent Steiger and their teams

Administrative and financial director: Thaïs Moiroud

Production assistants: Mathilde Dubillot and Elsa Adihou

Set design : Sylvain Roca

Graphic design : Sabir

Lighting design: Aura


General arrangement: Xilografia Nuova srl

Audiovisual installation: ETC - Onlyview

Electricity-lighting: Big Bang

Graphic design production: Exhibit

Operations management - Artisans d'idées/Vendredi8Operations manager: Audrey FolacciOperations project manager: Mathilde DubillotProject manager: Clothilde LepasLocal communication manager: Sophie Sutra FourcadeSocial networks communication: Célia Benisty - Valentine Rivière Shop manager: Laura Leroy

Reception and ticketing manager: Emmanuelle Robert

General manager and equipment manager: Bernard Languila

Store layout: Faire


President : Vincent Poussou,

General manager: Roei Amit

Administrative and financial manager: Severine Lafaye

Executive Assistant: Julie Silanoli


Chairman: Chris Dercon

Deputy Director General: Emmanuel Marcovitch

Deputy Managing Director : Nathalie Blanc-Guelpa

Production Department

Agnès Wolff, Production Director

Fabienne Charpin-Schaff, Deputy Director

Christelle Terrier, Project Manager

Communication Department

Director of communication : Genevieve Paire

Head of the brand and promotion department: Pierre-Tristan Mauveaux

Communication and partnerships officers: Constance Fournage, Marie-Valentine Guibert

Head of institutional and brand communication: Manon Sahli

Head of press office: Florence Le Moing

Press Relations: Sarah Liebelin-Manfredi, Laure Godini

Head of the sponsorship and institutional department: Constance Lombard

Head of the external relations department: Melvina Mosse

Public Relations Officer: Ariane Moisan

Audience and Digital Department

Head of the digital production and distribution department: Virginie d'Allens

Head of web activity, distribution and innovation: Céline Nègre

Head of audiovisual activity: Mireille Guillaume

Social accounts manager: Alexis Lecomte

Web information system manager: Julie Papadopoulos

Head of Cultural Projects, Mediation-Education Unit: Isabelle Majorelle

Head of Studies: Agathe Grandval


President and Director: Laurence des Cars

Director General: Kim Pham

Deputy Director General: Francis Steinbock

Director of the Department of Paintings: Sébastien Allard

Scientific advisor: Vincent Delieuvin, chief curator of 16th-century Italian painting at the Musée du Louvre

Mediation and Cultural Programming Department

Director of mediation and cultural programming: Dominique de Font-Réaulx

Assistants to the director of mediation and cultural programming: Michel Antonpietri, Aline Francois-Colin, Céline Brunet-Moret, Fabrice Laurent

Digital and audiovisual productions department

Head of department : Maïté Labat

Maryam Josheni

Estelle Savariaux

Camille Tissot-Meslier

Exhibitions Department

Head of department : Marie-Julie Chastang

Publishing Department

Head of department : Violaine Bouvet-Lanselle

External Relations Department

Director in charge of external relations : Adel Ziane

Deputy director in charge of communication: Sophie Grange

The organizers of the exhibition would like to thank Cécile Maisonneuve, Frédérique Bilbaut-Faillant, the Ecole du Louvre junior conseil, and all the teams who contributed to this exhibition.

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